AWSAmerican Welding Society

Level I - Entry Welder

This standard establishes the minimum requirements for qualification and registration as a SENSE program Level I - Entry Welder with the American Welding Society.

This standard specifies practical knowledge and performance tests that require a minimum level of reading, computational, and manual skills to successfully complete.

All individuals that meet the specified performance criteria at a facility which is a participating organization will be listed in the AWS national registry of SENSE program welders.

Organizations that are not participating organizations may use this standard, but individuals they instruct will not be listed in the national registry of SENSE program welders.

Welding terms used in this standard are defined in AWS A3.0 standard welding terms and definitions


A set of skills, related knowledge, and attributes that allow an individual to perform a task, and that can be verified by performance and practical knowledge testing.

Entry Welder (Level I) - An individual employed in this position is considered to possess a prerequisite amount of knowledge, attitude skills, and habits required to perform routine, predictable, repetitive, and procedural tasks involving motor skills, and limited theoretical knowledge while working under close supervision.

Course contents
  • reference documents
  • welding curriculum guidelines
  • entry welder practical knowledge qualification
  • entry welder performance qualification-workmanship samples and test plates
  • inspection, testing and acceptance criteria
  • documentation
  • record of welder qualification
  • national registry of welder
Entry welder requirements
  • trainee must be enrolled in and attending a participating organization
  • trainee must be taking coursework that will develop the skills necessary to master the learning modules
  • Trainee may continue in the program during employment with a signed agreement between the participating
  • organization and the trainee's employer stating how the trainer will continue in the pr ogram.

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