Scaffold Competent Person (5 days)
and Erector (3 days)

In order to comply with Trakhees Construction Regulations Clause 5.9 Contractors will be required to ensure that all workers involved in the erection and dismantling of scaffolding on site have passed a minimum level of training and certification. This procedure will detail the training course outline and cer tification process.

As follows is the syllabus for the scaffold training course. All prospective training organizations (Refer to Trakhees Pre-quality procedure) will be required to issue to Trakhees a detailed training plan based on the following Trakhees Syllabus.

day 1
introduction to the course
  • why need for training
  • applicable regulations in Dubai
introduction to system scaffold
  • what is system scaffold
  • overview of specific legal requirements relating to scaffolding
  • requirements relating to risk assessment
  • definitions and terminology used in scaffolding
  • introduction to the components of a system scaffold
importance & use of PPE
  • requirements relating to basic
  • requirements for using a safety harness including demonstration
  • basic principles for the use of a harness
practical demonstration (overview)
  • material handling - basic manual handling principles
  • inspection of scaffold components
  • basic out scaffolds and proper foundations
  • correct use of ladders
  • working platforms
day 2
planning for scaffold erection
  • the importance of planning
  • identification of scaffolding needs
  • material quantities
  • time allowances
  • members of the scaffolding team
Working platform requirements
  • types of scaffold board
  • widths of working platforms
  • transom spacing
  • requirements relating to guardrails and toe boards
  • loading of platforms
  • upright spacing
Ropes, knots & hitches
  • synthetic rope types
  • how to secure load safely
  • checking proper for damage
  • correct rope procedures
Setting up a gin wheel
  • location of the gin wheel
  • capacity of the gin wheel
  • correct use of the gin wheel
  • maintenance of the gin wheel
  • prevention of materials falling
  • practical exercise using the gin wheel to raise and lower materials
Basic out an independent scaffold
  • how to check ground conditions
  • when to use sole boards
  • base plates and adjustable legs
  • leveling the scaffold
  • stabilizing the scaffold as you work
day 3
Stabilizing scaffolds
  • types of tie and their uses
  • tie loading capacities
  • the importance of bracing scaffolds
  • type of bracing
  • effects of sheeting or netting on a scaffold
  • other forms of external support (outriggers, bracing, rakers etc...)
Erecting a three lift independent scaffold
  • material selection and inspection
  • basic erection techniques
  • stabilizing the scaffold
  • bracing requirements
  • use of ties
  • correct use of safety harnesses
  • hazard identification and explanation of control procedures
  • access for scaffolders using ladders
  • protecting the scaffolder during erection
  • providing a safe working platform
  • setting up safe access for the end user
day 4
Reducing the risks to others
  • preventing materials from falling
  • use of toe boards during erection
  • using exclusion zones
  • special considerations for the public
Erection of loading bays
  • basic loading bay requirements
  • loading capacities
  • importance of check fittings and correct use
  • increased edge protection requirements on a loading bay
Emergency arrangements
  • discussion on types of emergencies that may arise
  • suspension trauma explanation
  • rescue arrangements and timings
Emergency drill
  • dealing with a fall situation
  • practical rescue techniques
  • do's and don'ts for dealing with a rescue
handing over the scaffold
  • completed scaffold checklist
  • scaffold inspection practical
  • hand over certificates
  • how to simplify the tagging of scaffolds
Day 5
Revision session
  • key points reiterated
  • open session with questions and answers
  • brief on the examination
Theory examination
  • Multiple choice examination
Practical examination
  • group split into scaffold gangs for the practical/li>
  • full practical examination based on scaffold erection techniques
  • summary of training course

upon successful completion of the training course, the delegates will be issued a Trakhees endorsed card

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